Fish knowledge – Pike

Although the knowledge about fish that inhabit the country's rivers and lakes is still quite superficial among the society, pike belongs to these few species, which almost everyone can easily recognize. Commonness of occurrence, the distinctness of the shape that does not find analogies in our inland ichthyofauna, position, in trade and gastronomy, Finally, regularly published by the press, effective photos of anglers demonstrating the most magnificent art - all this won the well-deserved popularity of pike; popularity, at the root of which was also a legend.

P. E. Leśniewski, the author of the 1837 of the year of the book "Domestic Fisheries", to quote the French naturalist Lacepede, these are the words he uses:

“Pike is a freshwater shark. It reigns in them like everything avenging and like a shark in the seas. (…) Insatiable in hunger, it ravages ponds and ponds with strange speed. Stern without exception and no regard, it doesn't even spare its own kind, devours her own children. Devoured with no choice, she tugs and swallows furiously the remains of even rotten corpses. Nature has endowed this greedy creature with long life: for centuries it worries the ion, chasing, scares, it devours and destroys the weak inhabitants of freshwater, and that is not enough, that he is cruel and insatiable, he is endowed with other qualities; for not only has great strength, large body, numerous weapons, but too slender body, agility, beautiful shape, various and rich colors ".

Yet (Krzysztof Kluk finds a more pictorial comparison, an outstanding Polish naturalist of the Age of Enlightenment.

"It is," he writes, "a very voracious and predatory fish, rightly deserving the name of a water wolf ". And he still warns: “It happens often, that he is catching birds floating in the water, what the young ducklings will experience in a peculiar way. The thing is known, Rzączyński writes about, that the pike caught the fox drinking water. There are reassurances, that they would not let people in the water strangely significant. "

Similar references to cannibalism among pikes are taken today rather with a grain of salt, but the opinions expressed in the cited descriptions did, that the pike - along with a larger catfish - passed into literature and folk tales as a formidable monster.

Albeit exaggerated, these descriptions, except a dose of imagination, however, they contain many reliable and accurate biological observations. For there is no doubt, that pike is the most uncompromising predator of our waters and feeds on fish from the early stages of adolescence. So with the moment, when traditional fishing was replaced by conscious fishing, this species has received a lot of attention. Its presence in a water reservoir has a serious impact on the composition and abundance of other fish and will be undesirable everywhere, where it can cause significant losses among economically valuable species. In general, however, it itself is considered to be one of the most valuable, not only because of its food value, but also thanks to services, which gives to fishing by exterminating weaker individuals and the so-called. fish weed. Maintained in an appropriate quantitative proportion to other components of the fish stock, becomes one of the factors that allow to regulate their number in accordance with the intentions of the water user.

The above-mentioned advantages - among which the great attractiveness for fishing enthusiasts also occupy an important place - make it, that in many reservoirs, pike is a supported fish, deserving of protection during breeding, and when this is not enough, the aim is to maintain a strong population through restocking.

Sizes, what he is able to achieve, fascinating look, interesting biological properties, they place the pike among the peculiarities of the domestic fauna and make it an object of interest to many nature lovers who are not related to fishing.

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