Flying anglers

Fishing by plane? For us, it's pure abstraction, something perfectly normal in Canada.
The propeller spins with a loud snarl. We are gliding faster and faster on the surface of the lake, until the floats finally break away from the water. The machine is already high in the air – we're going to… pikes.
In huge Canada, an airplane with floats for landing on water is no luxury, but a mere necessity. It is an aerial bridge between absolute wilderness and civilization, between settlers and the nearest towns and villages. You can also go fishing by plane. For in what way, if not by plane, get over the distant, lakes and rivers lost among forests? Below us, a pike lake glitters blue. Our pilot, young Pat, tilts the plane to the right wing, and then it begins to dive down. After a while we are flying normally. So what, since my stomach flips. Pat leans his head forward. His hawk eyes look for something on the ground. – You see these black shadows in the water? These are all pike – over the roar of the engine.
It is black in front of my eyes. I can hardly see anything. But I nod my head. Otherwise the benevolent pilot will dive down again, so that I can see the pike better.

We land on the water while jumping up a bit. The plane had scarcely come to a halt, Pat jumped out of the cockpit and climbed onto the wing. His wobbler fell into the water with a splash. After a while he lowered the rod down, so that the lure does not run too shallow. After a few turns of the handle, a scream can be heard. – Fish! Pat attracts a pike to the plane. The fish goes crazy, and the water splashes in all directions. I go down to the float and pick up the predator. We caught three or four pikes this way, all weighing approx 5 kg.

My? He was only fishing for Pat. I was an impatient fan waiting for just one bite, and Pat soon realized it. He swam as close to the shore as possible, thanks to, while wearing chest waders, at last I regained the mainland under my feet. After a while, I am taking a pike with a spinner. The fish jumps into the air, rotates around its axis and falls its head vertically downwards. I'm getting sick. Pat looks at me with a smile on his face. He probably figured it out, that my stomach remembered a plane flight.

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