What rules should be followed when choosing a personal account

It is hardly possible to imagine functioning today without a bank account. But how to find yourself in the maze of offers available on the market? Na co zwrócić uwagę decydując się na personal account?

Fees linked to our bank account.

First, the offers may differ from each other in terms of fixed costs such as:

  • ATM withdrawal fee – applies to ATMs of another bank)
  • the fee for the account maintenance itself – najczęściej jest uzależniona od tego czy na Twoje personal account a certain amount of money flows in every month.
  • fee for using the card – in most banks it disappears when we make a card transaction for the amount specified in the contract.


W dobie szybkich i łatwych kredytów zapominamy że podstawowym celem dla którego zakładamy online account: Rachwbanku.pl is saving. Here, too, offers from various banks differ in terms of interest rates and the availability of our funds on a linked savings account. In some banks, we can transfer our money for free only a certain number of times from the savings account to the main account, later, such a transfer is associated with certain costs.

Online banking and mobile application

Do not kid yourself, fewer and fewer people want to go to the bank, stand in line and arrange personal errands. That is why it is very important, czy Personal account na które się decydujemy ma rozbudowaną i intuicyjną bankowość on-line, and whether the mobile application will actually make it easier for us to deal with matters on our account from the phone and tablet. The easiest way to check it is by looking at the rating and reading the comments of the bank's application on our mobile device. Another important aspect is the possibility of our bank processing payments by means of fast internet transfers (unfortunately, still not all banks offer such an option) and operation of the payment system with a BLIK mobile device.


Personal account z możliwością załatwiania spraw urzędowych.

Many banks also offer the option of creating a trusted profile through our account, and the possibility of settling some official matters from the level of internet banking. It is also worth checking this possibility before deciding to open a specific account.


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