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The Dutchman Bertus is a master at fishing with bait pulled behind a boat. In the last few years, he has caught in this way as many as seven pikes weighing over 16 kg. Today he reveals some secrets of his brilliant successes.

It's been about 15 years, from the moment when one morning I caught as many as five meters pike. Tell the truth, I haven't broken this record to this day and I'm not sure at all, can I ever make it. The largest of those pike crossed the magical border for me at that time 16 kg. I've always wanted to catch such a big esox, to get on Fred Buller's list, English chronicler of record pike caught with a fishing rod. This study is also a list of all pikes weighing over 35 English pounds (lbs) caught in Europe (35 lbs is roughly equivalent 16 kg). During the last few years I have caught as many as seven pikes weighing over 16 kg. Only one of them took a wobbler. What the others were tempted to do? Well, there is a dead fish on the system. I mostly fish with a float rig, and I pull the bait slowly behind the boat. I prefer fishing in large lakes. My system for setting up a dead fish consists of two trebles and one single hook.

Better to fish with one rod than two at a time.

My "way to success."” I have already described it in the Dutch fishing press (shortly after that, when I caught the aforementioned one-meter pike). Feverish excitement took hold of many anglers at that time, some of them soon became very successful too. Since then, catching a dead fish with a loincloth has become very popular in the Netherlands. I am not exaggerating, if I say, that slow pulling of the lure behind the boat and deliberate hunting of large pikes has more and more followers.

However, many colleagues approach things with too much self-confidence. If one angler is fishing from a boat with two fishing rods, means, that he believes very much in his abilities. It is true, that with two rods you have much more bites than with one, but you also lose a lot more fish in the fight. Just think about it: the boat must be steered at all times, and in addition keep observing both rods. When taking a bite, immediately grasp the stick in your hand and be prepared for a jam. Well, so what?, some of you will react now, after all, the second rod does not interfere with anything here! Unfortunately, it bothers me and it also bothers me. If a pike tangles both lines together, the chances of a successful end to the haul immediately drop to almost zero. Even if the resulting tangle turns out to be harmless and can be untangled, the predator always gets a little slack during this time, and this, in turn, may result in the bait being spit out.

So if someone does not want to lose their life while hauling the fish, and he is fishing alone, he has nothing else to do, as only to pull one bait behind the boat. What else, if you fish in two. After taking, you can concentrate on the jam and the haul. while a colleague will reel in the remaining rods. Before it comes to that happy moment, however, when the first big pike attacks your bait, you have to decide first, which way will you go. On no wind days it doesn't really matter and you can go in any direction you want. Unfortunately, such days are extremely rare, especially at large lakes. Besides, I have already found out many times, that the pike take better, when the surface of the water is even slightly undulating. In windy weather, we must always sail according to a certain "plan".

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