Pulling the rope

A hungry pike only thinks about its own stomach. There is no question of any blood ties, about "respect" for an individual of the same species.
A truly sports competition. Pulling the rope with insane satisfaction. The unlucky roach is probably not very nice about it, but both pikes fight like this, as if it were a title and medals. However, this is not a game, but a brutal and bloody reality. Both predators are not much larger than the captured prey and this is their biggest problem. Good hunting positions are occupied by larger pikes, who rather do not tolerate the neighborhood of such toddlers. "Daddy or mommy" can get hungry at any moment… For this reason, small and weaker pikes are forced to choose hunting positions in less attractive places. And there, the food does not fall into their open mouths by itself. No wonder then, that death and life duels are sometimes fought for the hunted fish. It can happen anyway, that pike, who lost "tug of war", suddenly he pounces on his winner. Dead pikes have already been found many times, who decided to attack too much victim, and then they couldn't let go of their mouths. There are examples of pike choking – a pike of the same size. So it is not at all said, that winner, the rope tug shown in the photo, will come out of this duel for survival unscathed.

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