Beauty and the beast

What species should predominate in Irish lakes – trout or pike? "Both", mainland anglers say. "Trout", the Irish fearful respond, that the pike would destroy the stock of their lake salmonids. In Ireland, more and more talk is about catching pikes from lakes in the net.

Black clouds are gathering over Lough Mask. There is more and more discussion about the possibilities of net catching pike. "There are fewer and fewer trout", the locals are complaining. The pike are blamed for this state of affairs.

Net pike fishing has been discontinued in Ireland for less than ten years. Have fewer and fewer trout really been caught since then?? On the contrary! The statistics kept by local fishing organizations show, that they take trout more and more often. After the last European Cup competition it turned out, that the average weight of trout caught is much greater than eleven years earlier. when pike was still caught with nets.

Two prestigious fishing events take place at Lough Mask every year – Tourmakeady European Cup and Ballinrobe World Cup. About three hundred boats always compete in the World Cup, from which fish are caught in strictly designated places. Three hundred boats, it bounces off the shore so vigorously, that the water foams. However, anglers, who end up without a fish. they do not complain about the crowds and the noise they make, so effectively scaring off trout; they only complain about the pike, which they say are eating trout, which means that the chances of success are reportedly smaller and smaller every year.

Powerful spawning lines

I have met many Irish landlords over the past few years. Rivers flow through several of them, in which trout are rubbed. It follows from what they told me, that the trout pull so en masse to spawn, that the spawning nests made by the first group of fish are almost completely destroyed by the next incoming fish. In rivers like the Finny River, this occurs three or four times in one spawning period!

So I would like to appeal to officials from the Central Fisheries Board, so that they finally stop thinking about killing pike. This idea will never bring the desired results. Instead, I suggest, to catch some of the spawning trout, obtain eggs from them, fertilize it artificially and after feeding the fry, fry it with Lough Mask.

8 million for water purification

Ireland's lakes must remain clean, and that is indisputable. However, "cleansing” it should not be just about killing pike. Wouldn't it be better to take care of actually better water quality in Lough Mask and Lough Corrib? After all, in many cases agriculture is responsible for water pollution. Trout, on the other hand, are such fish, which require absolutely clean water! There is no shortage of money after all, because, as far as I know, Ireland receives approx 8 million euros to prevent water pollution.

The eternal love

Lough Mask i Lough Corrib to fantastyczne jeziora, big and full of beautiful fish. These reservoirs are an undiscovered paradise for many anglers. They have fallen into my heart this way over the last few years, that I will definitely love them forever. They are extremely attractive to all anglers from the continent. Thus, when going to Ireland, let's take care of them as if we were our own fisheries. Consent?

Over many waters, the Irish ask you to release the pike you catch back into the water. "Double morality”? After all, the same Irish want to get rid of pikes from many lakes. "Their right" – ultimately on 8 thousand lakes (882.000 he has) throughout Ireland only in 12 lakes (39.000 he has) there are trouts and nothing will happen, if there are no pike there.

Nature has its own rules

Is it true, that trout and pike cannot live side by side? Martin Wehrle discussed this with an ichthyobiologist expert, Dr. Peter Wondrak.

M.W.: Pike is said to be eager to eat trout. Is it true?

Wondrak: Of course. We checked it experimentally. We fed the pikes up to one and a half kilograms in aquariums with various species of fish – white fish, karpikami, strings and trout. Predators always ate all trout first. M.W.: How would you explain this liking?

Wondrak: Trouts are the perfect prey for pikes. They have
soft skin, so the pike has no problems eating the prey. They are slender, therefore easy to swallow, and besides, they very often stand under the surface of the water, that is there. where the pike eyeballs are directed.

M.W.: Is it possible to get rid of pike from trout lakes? Let's say net catches?

Wondrak: In the case of large lakes, this is not even the case. It is true that sometimes the largest predators are caught, but then small and medium sized pikes grow twice as fast.

M.W.: So what should we do?

Wondrak: Thread, at most fish very wisely. Nature has its own rules and better let it stay that way.

Trout should live in rivers, while pikes in lakes. Trout survives only in large lakes. M.W.: Doctor, thank you for the interview.

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